Doremidi merge, should I trust it?

I saw a couple of bad reviews saying some notes get stuck.

I don’t know anything about engineering/programming but
My question should be simple: is it feasible to manufacture a working midi merger for 33€ or is it obviously a ‘scam’/somethingtonottakeseriously? For all I know merging midi could be as simple as soldering a healing crystal in between the circuits and in that case 33€ is already too much.

Even if it would work 95% I will be throwing it in the trash because I can’t stand working with that kind of trig conditions. Does that mean I should save that money for a proper midihub?(blokas would be great, but it’s 5x the price)

well, Blokas is 5x the price for a reason — it can do advanced MIDI routing jobs standalone, unlike simpler (thus dumber) boxes.

regarding DoReMIDI — did not try it yet.

if you need a trusted solution for simple jobs — Midi Solutions boxes are the answer, and they are certainly not 5x the price (actually, less than 2x)

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If you spent proper money on synths/samplers, why trust your data to the cheapest and documentably shady merge options?

As @chaocrator suggests: MIDI Solutions is affordable. If there might be a problem with inline power, Kenton might have a solution.

MIDIHub does a LOT more than just a merge - and i believe decidedly worth the extra cheese.

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MIDITech is another trusted vendor.


I have both midi solutions and miditech boxes. Midi solutions is slightly better built than Miditech but both do their job very well.

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Ive got a dore USB midi host. It does the job, no issues. Cheap, but it works, so worth the punt. Cant comment on the merger though.