Double tap trigger when switching banks

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I have an issue in which I have one project with different songs in different banks, I’m in tracks triggering mode and want to trigger one shots live. When I try to switch from bank 1 (song 1) to bank 2 (song 2) I need to double tap all of the one shots to trigger the samples and then I can trigger them regularly and freely.

Nobody knows? :frowning:

Could be related to:

That’ how OT works here.

So in your case maybe changing Banks=Parts needs additionall step because you don’t use play trigs on the sequencer while using One Shots (Plays Free)?

Can’t tell for sure, never been in that workflow with Banks changes.

double stopping or tripple stopping doesn’t do it for me.
Still when I change banks I need to double tap each trigger to play the sample.

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