Driving Plonk with Grids + Rytm

I’m thinking of driving Plonk with Grids. I’m after some groove to go with my Elektron Rytm.
This will be my first modular (did own an 0-coast). To get me started would I just need;

Yards (so I can send clock from Rytm)

Would this be a good combo. I’m sort of after the type of rhythms you get out of Reaktors groove boxes when muting the kick. Rytm will do kick.

Sorry I totally misread your post.

Is it a good combo? Sounds like one.

Yes you can use Yarns to send MIDI clock from the RYTM, but if that’s all you’re using it for, there are far cheaper MIDI to CV convertors out there. Having said that, Yarns is worth the money - especially if you are into rhythmic stuff as it has the cool arp and Euclidean sequencers.

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Actually, should say that Yarns is probably overkill if you’re using the RYTM because its cool sequencers rely on you sending held MIDI notes which you can’t do from the RYTM sequencer.

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Do you have Ableton with max4live at all? You can totally simulate this setup if you do and see how you like it. There is a grids m4l device, and plenty of physical modelling synths. I’m pretty sure the physical modelling instruments built into Live were done by AAS who did the software for Plonk. If it was me, I’d be more interested in https://www.noiseengineering.us/basimilus-iteritas-alter/ thank Plonk, but that’s just personal taste, and I do love my MI Rings.

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If you are mainly interested in the rhythms from Grids, perhaps consider a trig to midi module such as the Ladik M-217 to drive your Rytm. This would forgo the need for three eurorack voices early on. If you are DIY inclined, Grids also has midi clock output.

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I’m sold on BIA after a bit of research, the variety of sound and it almost seems like it has more than one voice when modulated. Nice drum/bass.
Think I will start with Grids, BIA and something cheap to sync my Rytm with Grids via MIDI. The Rytm has Dync sync out so not sure if I can use that. Can you suggest a (cheaper) module for the syncing part to (from) Rytm.

I also have a Squarp Pyramid with a Cv/gate/env out, so I may put that into the mix. Actually maybe I could send gate from Pyramid straight to Grids for syncing. Then sync Rytm from Pyramid via MIDI

I guess if you only want clock something like https://www.perfectcircuitaudio.com/erica-synths-midi-to-clock-v2.html or https://www.perfectcircuitaudio.com/midi-clock-to-pulse-module-1.html would do the trick. I use Yarns myself, but come to think of it I don’t use it for clock. For clock I use the sync out of a Arturia Keystep, so you could use a Keystep or Beatstep for this I’m pretty sure. A beatstep could be a good one actually because it will pass through the clock out the sync jack, and you’d also have some tracks of beatstep to sequence things.

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The Erica midi to cv module is great. It has clock dividers and multipliers built in so you can get some nice polyrhythmic stuff going very easily.


I played around with sending triggers out of the RYTM boosting the volume out of an individual output and it works but you give up a lot in the process.

The good news is Eurorack is loud and so it pairs nicely with the audio in on the RYTM which is otherwise quiet.

Damn it now I’m the one getting sold on the BIA. Lucky I only have 7hp spare.

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You gotta modulate the modulations that modulate the modulators for full modulation. I use Turing Machine for this for starters.

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I just wanted to add, that Grids has actually a built in Midi to Clock converter. You just need very little DIY skills to prepare a midi cable and connect 3 wires to to back of the module


Good tip.

I use grids and it works great with a din sync adaptor from A4 or Digitakt, so I am sure it would work this way with the Rytm. The adaptor provides both clock and start/stop, no need for midi conversion.

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Great! So you just run adaptor into Grids clock in then.
What are details of adaptor please.

Not sure where you are located, but here is a link to the adaptor I bought, though I believe there are others out there, but I vouch for this one:
din sync adaptor

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Looks good to me thanks.
So one 3.5 mm goes to Grids clock in. What does the other one do ?

The other jack goes to reset jack on grids and allows you to start/stop grids via the elektron machine–though you have to double press the stop button on the elektron box to stop it sending clock over din sync.

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BTW what modules do you use wth Grids. As thinking of
Basimilus Iteritas Alrer or Plonk

+1 What was said above re modulators. Also keep in mind there is no way you’re going to be able to stay with just a couple of euro modules. Be prepared to dive down that rabbit hole! With that in minde the qu-bit pulsar and chance modules are killer for percussion modulation.

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