Drone sample using play forward and reverse

Hi all,

New to the octatrack, but wondering if it would be possible loop a small snippet of a sample forward and reverse all the time. So the loop should be played forward and then in reverse etc. Was thinking to put a lfo on the rate parameter. Is this a good idea?

Sounds like an idea, try it out to see if it works? Alternatively you could use plocks.

In the audio Editor, you can set start, loop and end points. Set those as you want.

IIRC: in the src Setup page, you have to set LOOP to on, and you can choose between Forward, reverse and pingpong.
Pingpong is what you need I think.


No need, just follow @MaxB advice. Loop ON, pingpong, choose start and end points.

Be aware, finding a zero crossing is tricky on stereo samples. If you use flex machine, possible to add microfade at selected points to avoid clicky loops.



and phase is also important

Thanks guys. In ableton you can use a cross fade setting to make it more smooth. Any idea how this works. I tried to do it in a flex track and then add fade in or fade out…. But it tricky

Zoom in close then add your fades. Its a linear fade so what ever area is selected, thats where the fade goes. Practice makes perfect. Once you get the hang of it, its not hard.


exactly will try that

I’ll add if you want to select zero crossing of a stereo file, it’s better to change view, because by default only left channel is considered.

FN+Bank > Change View > L&R


thanks… will check that!!

You know that with Fn and encoders in ARD view you can select only zero-crossing point, don’t you?
It only works for the current waveform displayed, but it works well enough.

yes I know I can select zero crossings. But I like the way ableton does it in simpler. With some modulation you can create really interesting drones. Just wanted to see if I can do this on IT as well