Dropping out of grid-rec


sorry if there’s a thread for this already…
not sure which OS version introduced this, but it seems like the AF tends to exit grid-rec mode e.g. when closing the sound browser & maybe some other menus… looks like a regression to me, but maybe there’s a good reason for this that I don’t see?

aren’t the trigs confusing when you’re presented with banks and trigs - maybe it’s deliberate ? - i get your point though !

ah yes the soundbanks…
hm yeah I find it more confusing that it will switch context unasked… I want to be in grid-rec most of the time for editing locks, so this is kind of weird…

yep - not so good if you are scrolling through the pool when the trig gets passed - random good/bad sound locks - the new realtime soundlocks more than make up for any new niggles for me

i have had quite a few issues in realtime soundlock recording when the Browser was open on Pool and it would spuriously record the underlying track sound in, not the sound on display, reselecting track fixes this - defo bug !

You’re right Void. Now that you make me think about it, since 1.1 when I get out from the scale menu, I find myself thrown out from grid recording. This shouldn’t be. If I open a function menu from grid recording, that’s where I expect to get back when I close it. It just slows the workflow considerably.
Please elektron fix it.

For the record (whilst slightly off-topic) if you are in Realtime soundlock record mode and you press to get out of record and then re-enter realtime record you will not be doing what you hoped you were even though the Pool browser is still up !

Back on track: I can see the niggle when you for example go to poly config and return and you’ve been booted off Grid !