[DRUMS] How many percussive sounds do you really use?

I just would like to hear from others how many different percussion sounds do you use in longer sets.
Kicks, snares, main hihats, etc.

I usually have 64 slices of different hits in OT, but use no more then 16 in 1h set.
How about you? If you don’t play live sets, that’s fine - how many sounds do you have in your pool?

10 to 20 by track (included short sounds and rhythmic loops) [multiplied] by number of track in my Live set. I usually choose carefully each drums for each track and processed those how I want to sound in this particular context. (so it’s never the same at the END I mean as they were processed…)

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I probably use no more than 20 per set including all percussion elements.

It varies wildly. I’m beginning to experiment with blurring the line between percussive and tonal elements in my music, mostly brought on by my nanoloop jams, so the number of unique percussive sounds can get pretty high. Other times, I’ve played sets just using a kick and varied hihat patterns, focusing more on repetition and slow development of tonal elements… god damnit I’m a wanker

on a side note, how great is snareless techno?! Or techno with non-standard snare placement