DSD 1-bit audio recording technology

Yep. that’s how I roll… for over 2 decades now lol. I have like a certain budget, and have to buy/sell things to complete this constantly evolving puzzle.

I can find the Tascam cheaper too. I might very well go that route.

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Hey, do you recall if that Tascam unit is made in Japan? I’m having a hard time finding this information online.

I believe it is but don’t quote me on it.
It is built incredibly well though
Solid bit of gear

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Dammit, can’t stop thinking about DSD. I’m about to pull the trigger on that Tascam DA 3000.

I recommend the Tascam as a top class converter both AD/DA even more so than for DSD. Can’t go wrong if you require this in your studio. In comparison to similar quality convertors, as a package it is a bargain

I ended up ordering it lol

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I found a good deal on both the Korg MR-2000 and the Tascam DA-3000, but went for the Tascam after I read up more on the DACs. For this type of device, the most modern DACs is a very important consideration; I fully agree with you. I haven’t been liking how the highs have been translating with my ghetto rig; I know this will make me very happy.

I’ve been using the DA3000 for a few years now to record (sometimes via a mixer or via the daw). I really like having a dedicated device to play all my tracks, it’s really the novelty of it more than anything.

I can definitely hear the subtle difference, though I have been toying with the idea of selling it since I also use a QuPac as my mixer. I’ve yet to record using that, and feel like I should be using that even though it’s not super duper DSD quality.

In any case, if you’re interested in a used DA3000 for a good price, let me know!

wow, look at this thing

Shit they’ve pimped the 3000
Even better convertors they reckon
Must be incredible
Big price jump though

totally not worth, but it is pimp as hell

I had to cringe a lil though when they say listening to music via an SD card having these benefits to a computer:

  1. What type of computer you have and its effect on the sound?
  2. What operating system does it run on?
  3. How fast is the hard drive in it?
  4. How much memory is available for buffering?
  5. Which of the dozens of playback software solutions you have?
  6. Are they configured correctly?
  7. What plug-ins are installed?
  8. Do you have the proper and up to date software drivers?
  9. Are the sound adjustments on the computer configured right?
  10. What USB formats does your computer support?
  11. What kind of audiophile USB cable should you run?
  12. Is the computer running an aftermarket updated power supply?

Even if their modded gear is aight, their marketing smells fishy IMO


Yeah, lowest denominator marketing for sure… for the audiophile market I’m assuming

Ouch, that was a painful site to look at.

I hope that DSD stays in the game of audio formats.

Anyone know of any new audio formats that are new or in development?

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I’m thinking that DSD will keep being pushed as it gradually catches on more and more

I use a Sony PCM-D100 handheld recorder that also has the option for DSD but i never use that. I just record on PCM 44/24.

You should try it out sometime; I was curious about that one

If you’re ever willing to go through the trouble, I’d be really interested in your thoughts on how audio recorded directly to the QuPac compares to audio routed through the QuPac recorded to the Tascam DA-3000.

Will try to get around to that. Just moved to a new house with my family, just got studio up and running. Will post something this weekend.

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