DT: sample saving is very slow

not sure what‘s up there but it takes 10+ seconds to save a short sample. when there are no samples on the +drive, its lightning fast. there are 10k sample files on the digitakt, maybe it‘s a tad too many?

sad bump

This looks abnormal to me, my Drive is about 70% full and saving is still fast.

Open a support ticket on elektron.se is my recommendation.

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i feared that opening a ticket is the only thing i can do :frowning: thanks anyway, mate.

Elektron support is some of the best I’ve experience, have no fear!

Transfer Samples from/to the Digitakt and check if this process is also damn slow. If so, your +Drive is probably faulty and you should contact Support. If Sample Transfer is still ok, Backup all your Samples and Format the +Drive via Early Startup Menu - before contacting Support. Maybe this solves the Problem already.