DT showing as DN on DAW?

I had a DN for a while and just got a DT. When I hooked it up via USB to my laptop and opened the transfer app it shows as Digitone in both input and output, same thing happens in my DAW. Any way to change it to the correct name? Im on mac Mojave.

Tried it, Digitakt responds to the midi messages and all but its only the labeling that is stuck as DN so its just confusing. Im just trying to find a way to change the name of the midi device like I would the name of a folder or file.

Yeah might do that, seems like a mac problem but I was hoping someone here had a similar experience. When both are plugged in it basically just adds a number “Digitone 2”. Im just looking for that file with the name information but no luck.

Hi Amku, I have the same problem here on Windows 10.

Pretty sure this has nothing to do with macOS. Seems likely that Elektron made a mistake with the firmware version you’re running. :slight_smile:

Solved actually, had to go in macOS settings and reset the midi data in the midi devices page. I guess apple bundled my Elektron devices into one name.

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