DT/ST: Does transport send not work in Overbridge mode?

My Digitakt and Syntakt are connected via MIDI cable, with Digitakt’s transport and program change sends set to on…Syntakt’s are set to receive. However when I hit play on my Digitakt the Syntakt won’t start playing while they’re in Overbridge mode. That only happens while they’re in USB/MIDI mode. Any idea why this is? Changing patterns on my Digitakt changes patterns on the Syntakt, regardless of Overbridge, so I don’t see why hitting play won’t make the Syntakt play as well.

For whatever it’s worth sync is set to “clock” in both of their respective Overbridge plugins. I suppose I could change that to clock + transport and just hit spacebar in Ableton, but that opens up lots of other problems with Ableton’s MIDI automation, audio I’ve already recorded, effects not ringing out and so on. Am I thinking about this the wrong way?

Last thing - I have clock send and receive turned within both devices. Track, sync and remote are all disabled within Ableton as well. My understanding is that this is best practice regarding tempo sync, though I do occasionally notice a slight lag between the devices : /

I’m running into this situation with my setup: Bitwig ----(Overbridge)----> Digitone ----(MIDI)----> Model:Cycles. The Digitone successfully starts when Bitwig begins playing, but the Model:Cycles is not receiving a start signal from the Digitone. Is there a way to achieve this?

Should have tried harder before posting. Turns out I turned off the Model:Cycles MIDI Transport Receive. Once I turned it on, it works exactly as I expected it to.