DT sync to Live10 by usb ? how?

Can i clock/Sync the DT over USB from Ableton Live10 without using overbridge ?
i never synced anything to live. i´m not familar with Live in that sense.

i do understand the midi settings within the DT.
DT: Receive is set to: “midi+usb”

well, in Live, i am in the “voreinstellungen” dialog ( guess thats: preferences) / midi sync.
The DT midi port is shown ( only usb is connected, no 5pin-midi to computer). I set the settings to: On.
i press play in Live, nothing happens on the DT.

( while my DT is playing when i press play on my cirklon which is usually the midi sync master. so my DT is syncing to external)

what do i overlook ? what can i do ?

In DT midi settings page make sure sync -> receive is turned on too. And get ready to deal with jitter. I hate syncing to computers.

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clock receive is on in the DT

Would help if you can post a screenshot of your ableton midi settings