Dumb question about the Arranger

So this is definitely a silly question. Because there has to be an obvious answer that I’m overlooking.

In the user manual in the arranger section it describes how to create an arrangement, which I have done. I’ve successfully and easily created my first arrangement. However, there is nothing in the manual (that I’ve found) which describes how to get out of that arrangement and start a new one. So my first arrangement contains patterns created in bank A, and I’d like to now create a new arrangement with patterns in bank B. But when I go into the arranger mode, I don’t find any way of getting out of that first arrangement in order to start a new one.

What am I missing?


[ Exit / No ] will take you back to the main Arranger screen.

From there you can [ Save ] your current arrangement; and/or [ Change ] to a new one.


Ahh… “Change”

I knew it would be extremely obvious. Thanks much!


Remember, there are no stupid questions. Except the ones I ask :slight_smile:

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