DUP_Ride default samples always being triggered [resolved]

Hi, I’ve found the DUP_Ride_xx.wav samples that come with the Octatrack have a weird behaviour.

So, I load a FLEX machine on any track, load one of these samples (Loopmasters pack), and then set a trig for it on the sequencer. Press Play, everything works as expected, the sample gets triggered when the sequencer gets to the step I selected. Now I delete the trig from the sequencer, press play again, and the sample is triggered again!

This has only happened to me with these samples so far. Has it happened to anyone else? I understand this is a bug, right?

The sample may be looping? Check the LOOP parameter on the SRC page.

Hi! No, no looping, it’s like the trig never gets deleted. If I put trigs for that sample on steps 1, 7 and 10 and after that I delete steps 7 and 10, it still sounds on steps 1, 7 and 10, so it’s not a looped sample. Super weird :confused:

That does sound odd.

Does it happen on a brand new project?

Yes, and only with those two samples. If I set the track with a different sample the problem disappears…

Could you upload those files with their .ot files ?

resample it?

@ballener0 Sounds interesting that it is just those two samples; can you upload them somewhere along with their respective .ot files if they have them? Professional curiosity.

If it is happening on a new project; that is weird, unless there is actually two hits in the sample file.

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I’m very curious about these ghost / alien files too !
Quite sure there’s a logical explanation, not a bug.


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I’ve found four samples named DUP_Ride_ in this sample pack.
Didn’t played them in OT (yet), but they look normal and sound normal in Live:

Are any specific file/sound setting important here?
I see user error, as most cases :tongue:

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The samples come with the PRESETS set, at least with the MKII. Not home right now, will upload the files later!

Mki user, didn’t find it.

Wtf, I tried it again before getting the samples out of the unit and it’s not happening now. Same project it was happening in before…the only thing that’s changed is that I switched to another set where I store my projects, I’ve been using the Presets one just for experimenting with new stuff. So maybe there was something wrong with the sequencer and it fixed itself when I switched sets?

So far this is the only weird thing that’s happened to me with the OT…I’ve had bad experiences with a buggy DT before but if this is the only thing that I’ve found after almost two months with the OT, then it’s not that bad :slight_smile:

I guess the thread can be closed!

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Yeah your unit is faulty I’m afraid. :slightly_frowning_face: Send it to me.

When Octatrack’s die, as the old stories say, they go to the “Legendary Graveyard of Sezare”, from where they lie and make beats for all eternity.

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Mmmm, nah, I think I’m keeping it, bugs and all :stuck_out_tongue:

What bugs ? You mean user errors ? I hope you won’t keep them. :slight_smile: