Easiest way to get a midi file on to a track?

I have a DT, DN and some simple midi files. What’s the easiest way to get the midi file on to a track within either DT or DN without connecting a keyboard and playing it?

Example file: Minor Prog .mid (192 Bytes)

Use a DAW and output the MIDI into the DT / DN MIDI in? Depending on your MIDI files complexity and polyphony, results may wary, as elektron seq has a maximum of 64 discreet events per pattn and a limited polyphony…


Thanks… my deficit w/ that approach is the midi interface; would one of those $10 eBay USB > Midi cables work, or would I need a better interface like an external sound card/midi?

Google lead me to: http://www.vanbasco.com/karaokeplayer/

My gear consists of Win 10 PC + Ableton + Push 2 + Arturia Keystep + DN + DT.

You should be able to just use a USB cable.