Editing Non-active Pattern?

Hey folks,

Pretty basic question here, but can I edit a patter on the OT without listening to it? Like I want to prep and edit a trig placements and p-lock on the next pattern, as I build with the current pattern, switch to a completely new pattern (maybe even with a new part).

It seems to me the only way to set up a new pattern is when it’s selected and playing. For instance it would be nice to copy and past pattern A1 over A2-A8 say and then edit the variations before I switch.

Perhaps there is something I’m missing with the cue function?

Many thanks.

No, you can only edit the current pattern. No way to have one playing while editing another.


Got me thinking it might be possible with a transition trick set-up. If eg R8 is recording main and T8 is playing R8 with REL INF, loop ON, and you switch to an empty pattern on the same part, wouldn’t it just keep on playing?

Too late for me to test today but I think it could work, not a basic solution really but it’s possible you could get this kind of behaviour if you sacrifice a track. I’ve linked to a thread about the transition trick if you don’t know what that is.


Well, I tried. Couldn’t get it to work like I thought. I don’t have a handle on the rules of how tracks continue playing after switching patterns. It’s a weird process but i’ve got some wonderful stuff out of it! I do recommend trying out switching to empty patterns and listening to what happens, especially with MIDI :wink: Is it possible @sezare56?

There is a global and a pattern track setting called START SILENT. You’ll need to make sure it is set to NO on the new pattern (AUTO also works when the global setting is NO). That’s all to keep the audio on a track from the previous pattern playing (when there are no new trigs on that track, of course).

BTW: using the transition trick to build pattern just-in-time is a quite useful idea!


Yeah, I mean the rules about what happens after you switch patterns with start silent off! With MIDI for example I can get these weird short loops that only capture a small section at the end of the last pattern. Then when I tried this idea out I got nothing at all. I thought with REL = INF a looped flex would just keep looping, but that didn’t seem to happen?

Should be doable with a fresh project. I think it has been mentioned here on Elektronauts.
I have to try it today!
So @Merv I got it working with microtiming, otherwise the recording playback is stopped with pattern change.
Also works with a trig on next pattern.

Didn’t work with a different bank…


Nice! Did try microtiming, was too lazy to try with fresh project :wink:

So! In classic OT style, it’s kind of possible if you want it bad enough!

There is your answer.


Thanks folks, all this feedback has been helpful.

@tnussb Will START SILENT enable the activation of ONE SHOT TRIGS when I switch to a new PTN? Or is the only way to have a smooth transition to a new pattern with ONE SHOT TRIGS is sleight of hand on the arming the track?

Feels like I have to switch the pattern, then be mindful of the one-shots I want to re-arm…

Hope that makes sense.

And thanks again.

I guess not, but I’m not sure. I haven’t used related scenarios for quite some time now. But it shouldn’t take you long to try it.

This gets you close

It’s also instant, and instantly undoable so can be used for fills etc