Effect Device/VST for fills/stutters/glitches

Hey There. I am searching for a device/vst where i can perform several effects on the master bus to give the whole thing some variations/twists
i assume sp 404mk2 covers this use case to a specific extend. are there others which give me more bang for my buck?

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Cableguys Shaperbox 2, and specifically the TimeShaper part of it will do glitches and stutters as a VST:

(that video is for TimeShaper 1 but it should give you an idea). You can “perform” with it as you can save a bunch of different presets and then switch between them with MIDI notes.

the bundle comes with a bunch of other shaper effects too that you can combine and stack together (filter, pan, drive, noise, crush, etc), each with EQ so you can do multiband stuff. I really like it, it’s very flexible and powerful but pretty easy to use, comes with a bunch of presets to get you going. The Shaperbox bundle is on sale at the moment, and is worth trialling imo.


MC-707 and its scatter.
downsides: a bit too big

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Stutter Edit 2, usually a lot cheaper when on sale.

Sugar Bytes Turnado

Output Movement, bundled free with some Presonus hardware

I find output movement veeery buggy. For the moment I’d look for something else. Of course ymmv

thanks those are some decent vsts. any hardware suggestions?

+1 for Stutter Edit from iZotope.

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In hardware, the Meris Ottobit Jr pedal can do stutters/bitcrushing/filtering, I have one and like it for fills or general destruction! The Chase Bliss MOOD and Hologram Electronics Microscosm can also do glitches and stutters, but I’ve never used them.

I want that for my Elektrons! You can even load scatter settings from other projects! So nice!

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I still use turnado

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I tried ottobit and liked it but it seemed one dimensional.

I have a red panda tensor that does reverse and sorta glitchy stuff. Its cool enough that i keep it for occasional weirdness.

I had a pladask elektrisk fabrikat and those are really really nice. It does stutter/ glitch/granular very well and in many different ways.

Red panda particle and some of their other pedals enter this territory as well.

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Roland mx-1 mixer, can be had for less than an sp-404 mk2 these days (used) and it has quite a few tricks up it’s sleeve

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Timetosser might be a hardware effect worth exploring as well.

norns diy shield with glitchlets app

besides the looks, the aira stuff was pretty cool actually. Jam oriented…

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I have a folder of glitches/stutters that I made with the demo version of Shaperbox 2 and some percussion loops. I also have HalfTime and love it. Cableguys are amazing!

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Audio Damage Replicant 2 is decent for 49 bucks:

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+1. Love Replicant

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