Effects on Live vocals whilst using the Octatrack

I can’t find an answer on this one, so I’ll ask here.

I want to use an Octatrack to mangle samples, play samples straight, and put effects on my voice (coming through the input) live. Is it possible to do all these things at once? I can find videos of people recording their voice and then looping, but I want a straight live feed that I can apply effects to.

Is it possible?

Yes this is possible.

It depends what you’re looking to achieve. If straight FX on a vocal then easy peasy, you use a “thru” track and apply FX to the input. If looking to mangle “live” it’s al ittle harder.

From memory (been a while since having an OT) you could do this. The way I think I did this was set a recorder buffer on step 1 and the have a playback trig set a few mico steps after on another track. Or something like that. Meant it was almost “live” adjusting the vocal/input. On the other tracks you can fanny about with samples to your hearts content. (this will make some sense if you have an OT to hand or do some more digging!!!)

You can do a thru track for simple real time FX to your vocals.

In parallell you could for example set up trig recorders (capturing your vocal input) and a flex track to create delay variations, partial looping, glitchy stuff, reverse bits… It is certainly possible.

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-Note that you may need a preamp for the mic to connect to the non phantom powered line inputs, I use one either from my mixer or interface…

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