EHX Platform compressor

Has anyone tried this?
It claims to be suitable for studio work, drum buss etc, but the demo videos are all guitar.
I’d be really interested to know if it works well on drum machine. It’s stereo, and the form factor is great.

I’m also considering getting one for parallel drum buss compression among other things…for the price it seems great. No idea what it would sound like though so it’s a bit of a gamble

There is no Threshold setting!!!

So what? Ever seen an 1176LN?

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There is an input level on a 1176, it’s like a threshold

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You mean like the Volune knob on the EHX? :slight_smile:


In compressor mode, the Platform’s threshold level is fixed at a constant -35dB.

And what exactly is the difference between changing the threshold and changing the gain?

Threshold ajust the level where the compressor is active

Gain ajust the output level after the gain reduction

you can find better explanation on the net

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Just had a quick look at the Platform, it has two volume knobs, surely the first one is input gain pre-comp and therefore the same as changing threshold?

I hope it could be like this, not sure

I’m was talking about input gain.

I assumed that the top left “Vol” button was an input gain knob, but reading the manual, this doesn’t appear to be the case:

Anyway, there are a lot of compressors out there that don’t have a dedicated threshold knob. They’ve probably left it out of this unit because input level is reasonably consistent in the guitar world. This does make it a bit less useful if you can’t control the level that goes into it.

It’s interesting that the “Sustain” knob does set the threshold when the unit is being used in limiter mode.

Seems like you need to spring for a high-end pedal like the empress if you want thresh control on a guitar pedal, damn.

Is there a reason other than size for getting a pedal? If size is your only concern, an FMR RNLA might be a nice alternative.

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Haha, I’m not even in the market for a comp, except maybe a 3630. Slowly embracing software again. Had an RNLA but didn’t like it much!

Which plug-in compressors do you like? Presswerk is a current favoritevof mine.

Normally just the stock Ableton one to be honest. I like the display, it’s low cpu and quick to use. If I want more dirt I’ll whip out sly-fi deflector or Kaya. Will check out presswerk!

1176 also has a fixed threshold. You just balance the input gain to get the compression activity you want and use the makeup gain to return to unity gain. In practice it’s not a problem at all.

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ok good news

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Could the EHX Platform compressor be used from my mixer to my monitors to prevent high spikes in sound from making my monitors chirp and peak out? I use an OTO Biscuit and sometimes it spits out really high noise. I want to keep my monitors from exploding, but I’m not sure how.