El capistan vs flashback*4 vs deluxe memory man

Hi to all.
I have a basstation 2 i recently bought a tc trinity reverb for. I’m really happy of it, it give real life to the synth.
So i decide to bought a delay stompboxes too, i love the toneprint feature of the tc stompboxes, and the flashback *4 has midi too and 3 instants presets, which i think is great .

I really love the tc build quality.

But i love dub effects, and the el capistan seem the ref for that.

I khnow nothing about the memory man, except that it seem to be a reference too;

So which one would you grab??? Maybe the midi and 3 instant preset are a great plus for live with the flashback?? plus it’s the less cheaper… seem to do the tape delay thing too, and the toneprint make it the delay you want no?? thanks for your advice.

The flashback does look very nice as is el cap but have you thought about the strymon timeline? Too expensive? I nearly bought the flashback but instead grabbed a vox delay lab because it was mega cheap.

yes, timeline too expensive and complex… i really have to choose one of thes three…

I’ve had the timeline and also found it way too big for my needs. I replaced it with a capistan and bluesky. Can’t say anything about the tx. Make sure to get the newer stereo version of the capistan (if you choose the el cap; should be the only one available now, if you buy new, just be careful when buying from ebay).

I went for the timeline too, and although it sounds nice, most modes are very much alike. The el capistan covers the dual delay, tape delay and has a reverb on board. Very nice unit.

I love my El Cap as well. It just sounds great. The secondary function mode is not reachable very easy, through pushing both guitar switches. And then all you can refer to are your ears, but that may even not be such a bad thing…

The stereo outputs are mentioned, but frankly I don’t know where they are there for. The input is mono and there’s no way to influence stereo imaging. Can anyone elaborate on that?

With an adapter and a simple jumper change the El Cap can handle stereo inputs, so I believe that’s the significance of having stereo outputs.
It’s probably cheaper to manufacture that way, plus I think the unit is made specifically for guitarists.
That would explain the single input design.

I think I’m answering your question, but I could be misreading.

If it were me, I think I would go for the Flashback.

TC have been doing delays for long time and the experience of TC2290 + D-two and any else from their guitar pedals/racks would most probably be taken into account in this pedal.

The other options presented are good too, but seems IMHO a bit narrow when compared to the flashback. Plus its 40sec looper AND delay (aviable at the same time) can yield many more possibilities than the others…

Stereo In/Out, MIDI (sync + parameter control in realtime). USB port (with coming features). Don´t think you´ll miss much with that one…

This demo was quite useful http://youtu.be/cRWOoXtg6gQ

yes i’ll go with the tc. Plus it’s the cheaper second hand…