Electro-Acoustic session with Digitakt | Ukulele, Toy Piano, Glockenspiel, Melodica, Cassette

Hello everyone,
Let me describe what’s going on here.

Digitakt plays number of ukulele and glockenspiel loops. I use different Conditional Trigs on every step to create semi-generative playback for acoustic parts. On the video I turn on/off volume on different tracks and mess with delay/feedback/filter parameters.

Then I played some notes on toy piano and melodica. Melodica was recorded on tape and played back in halfspeed. This processed track was mixed with the original recording.
Finally I added a bass from Deepmind.

Hope you’ll find it useful or just enjoy the music!

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Wonderful. Thank you for sharing this!

Lovely stuff. Shows what a creative beast the Digitakt can be.