Elektron boxes : sequencing poly not so good?

Hello everybody !

I’m pretty happy with the new anlog four update, playing polyphony on the little keyboard is really fun but I can’t understand why isn’t it a simple implementation to add notes ,one after one to the chord. For example playing a note, then some trigs after adding a second semi tone value Without retrigging the enveloppe of the first note.
Because normally when you play on a normal poly synth, you can trigger notes when you press the key. When I write my notes strum in ableton I can build chords note after notes… I do not understand why elektron don’t implement this easy task…

They did implement it,
You can change how envelopes react, you can have them restart or continue

No they didn’t.
If I take a midi track on octa or analog four, I try to sequence and add a note to the chord each two step for example there is no way to introduce progressively new notes, (as on normal tracks in fact) for the enveloppe, trig 1 enveloppe and first note , if I want to introduce a second note some step after to progressively build a CMaj chord I had a second trig with +4. Here I normally want to have only enveloppe on this trig, the first trig normally should continue playing… But it don’t work : I have to retrig enveloppe of the first trig, or my new note won’t have enveloppe.
When you introduce note after note a chord on ableton, each note will play the enveloppe.

So it’s an amazing lack ! It’s a so basic task.
We Always talk about superb elektron sequencer but I don’t really understand how someting easy as this cannot be implemented

It’s a step sequencer. You can’t add that way. If you want to build chords use a linear sequencer as on MPC etc. Perhaps other people offer step seq functionality which approaches this, but Elektron don’t. They work this way by design. This isn’t so much about poly, because they offer polyphony options which far surpass most implementations, this is a question of step sequencing choices. They have an excellent reputation in this regard, so best work to the ‘limitations’ to get the best from the rest - this won’t change


You talking about other functionality but it isn’t the subject.
Elektron should do something about this because we always talk about for example Octatrack as an ableton alternative but it don’t do the basic sequencing note surimpression.
Adding notes after notes is a basic musical process and no lfo or nothing can remplace this :frowning:
They should implement a little function on analog four audio track at least, with a new parameter page.

It annoyed me at first, I bought an Mpc again, but now I can deal with it. You can use several tracks on the same channel.
On 1 A4’s track you can use a long release, and poly ROTATE (no midi out, internal sounds).

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Maybe a rotate kit can do the thing yeah but why are you saying “not on midi” ?
Mpc is good for sure but I think I will try tork and write note on an ableton sequencer :confused:

I could have sworn I’d done this in octatrack midi channels, but i guess not

Is this possible to add trigless notes to a long playing note on the octatrack ?
If not this is not possible + anyway enveloppes are not the same than a Natural playing

I thought, using a nord lead two, i was able to put the root note of a chord on, say, step 1, with a long len, then add more notes to the chord on a later step, and all triggered notes would keep playing. But it’s a very long time since i tried this and if you’ve tried it and say it doesn’t work then i guess i imagined it :grinning:

(Using OT btw)

People have been asking for improvements to the way individual notes are handled for many years, so it is probably not something that can easily be changed, or it would most likely have been by now.

I don’t tend to use Elektron gear to sequence external midi devices for this and other reasons, especially polyphonic stuff but also monophonic stuff too because often I want legato which isn’t really possible aside from by P-Locking the arp legato parameter on Octatrack.

Anyway I learned to live with it and focus on what Elektron gear does best, I’m ok with it and see the midi sequencer side as a small bonus rather than a major feature, handy for certain things but no substitute for a dedicated midi sequencer IMHO.


I really like what you can do with OT’s midi tracks, several with random arp = random chords. Up to 32 voices if you randomize arp on / off.

OT only, midi loopback

Micromonsta only (monotimbral), sequenced by OT


So what is the sequencer you are using as side of elektrons machines ?
Thank you for the answer !

I use a Squarp Pyramid to sequence my other gear, it also has it’s own idiosyncrasies but once learned is powerful and fast to use, it handles polymeter and polyrhythms quite well, can do longer sequences, excellent CC implementation and interesting midi fx which can be automated in a very efficient way.

I said before it is to midi what the Octatrack is to samples, in that it can quickly and easily transform a basic sequence into something quite interesting.


Isn’t it possible to record live and have the trigs automatically spread accros all the A4 tracks to achieve a 4 note strum effect?

On the digitone keys, having 8 notes polyphony I also miss an elegant way of recording polyphonic phrases played live on the keyboard…strums type chords are not accurately reproduced.

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I use a Monomachine for midi sequencing, despite it being very limited compared to newer Elektron midi sequencers (I’m just used to the way it works, it suits my music and I like using it as the master box with a midi keyboard attached). I can use multiple midi tracks set to the same channel to do “building” a chord as described, but you have to program it in - there’s no way to play it in with live record.

It’s the Elektron way, they’re really just fancy trackers and I’m happy to work like that. If you want more sophisticated poly sequencing/timing/velocity on each note of a chord, etc., it’s not really the right tool for the job. I’ve done a bit of (amateurish) soundtrack work, and I just go straight to Logic Pro for that stuff.

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It’s exactly this basic elegant strumming chord I would like to play…
Not possible on the A4 no…
I don’t know how to do because my midi setup is pretty saturated, maybe I’ve some sacrifices do…

Some grid edit type view à la cirklon CK patterns or MPC JJOS would be great, and I guess it could be implemented without compromising the Elektron workflow.

Basically being able to populate tracks while live recording when more than one note is detected at the same time, and implement a grid editor to view and edit all the tracks at once, view notes trigs and note length, maybe adding velocity as editable parameter.

Below a view of the grid edit mode in one of the MPC JJOS,
Just replace “note” by “track” and this could be it, at least for the A4.
but this must have already been asked…

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They already improved it with DN, I guess there is something in this point you raise that could be a sensible enhancement of Elektron sequencer indeed.
At a time other companies are slowly catching up, that could be a way to stay ahead.


Yeah, although I do like the sort of parody between placing trigs and live recording at the moment. I find both equally fun. Maybe something that interpolates strum to an arp like trig condition and a strum arp that would let you easily program that sort of thing also. I don’t think it would fit as well if it only worked well as a live record function as I feel elektron really wants the sequencer to have just as much potential as a live instrument as anything else.

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