Elektron local repair?

Bit of a general question, and maybe a bit pointless in the current climate with covid (i.e. everyone is closed for now), but is there anywhere on here where I can find a directory of local Elektron repairers? I’ve had a look and not come up with much.

Basically, I have a few Elektrons with minor minor issues (wobbly knob here, sticky button there). I can’t really see the point of sending it off for 3+ weeks if there’s someone local and recommended who can offer such a service faster/cheaper. Is this a thing? I’m in South London, so would be keen to hear of any local recommendations.

I stand to be corrected but I don’t think they have any ‘authorised service centres’ so to speak. Afaik everything goes back to their HQ for repair.

The alternative would be to use an independent repair shop but that would have an impact on the warranty I guess?


Any competent technician should be able to do minor fixes like this.

Elektron administers support and repairs from HQ in Sweden, but they also have a US repair workshop for customers in the Americas.


I’ll ask on this thread since it seems on topic, but might be a long shot: I have couple of repair to do on a Rytm and Octatrack, a screen and knob change.

Elektron’s customer support can do it pretty cheap but that would mean parting from my gears for a couple of weeks.

Can anyone recommend a good technician in Stockholm?