Elektron Online shop processing time

HI all,
I’d like to know some more about (in your experience) the Elektron Online shop average processing time for orders.
Last week I ordered A4 online, choosin bank transfer, but I did’nt get any mail with bank id etc yet.
I must confess I’m pretty eager to put my hands on the machine because I’m in the middle of a recording, but also I think a week of silence is pretty long!
Do you know if this is normal, or the guys at Elektron are simply lazy, or they are kinda busy in some event/presentation at this moment etc?

Thank you all


Keep in mind that they are a relatively small company and most of them are at NAMM currently. This coupled with prepping for shipments of the analog keys and also for release of the new AR, means they are probably pretty insanely busy.

That said, weeks of silence is inexcusable and last year, this would have been unheard of from this company. As of late it seems that they are becoming more and more distant with the people that have put them in the spotlight. Hopefully they are not getting too big for themselves.

Best of luck. The a4 is amazing.

I’ll keep waiting… :stuck_out_tongue:

thx for answering


I ordered an A4 Keys 24 hours ago.

It says in stock, and my order went though on the website saying it would ship “today”.

No order confirmation email yet, and I can’t see it in my customer zone.

Should I be worried?

Well I’ hope you shouldn’t worry…

I also canceled my A4 order and changed it to AK order! :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope it won’t take too long because I’m in the middle of a project and it should be great to use some stuff in the production

Its strange that I’ve not had an order confirmation email though…
I would have thought this went out automatically and immediately?

Did you get a confirmation?

no, beacause I choose bank transfer as a payment method, so that they must send me their bank id before

Hmmm, still nothing despite a couple of emails to elektron, no contact and no history of my order in the customer zone.
My CC has been fully charged though…


Well, don’t worry… (ahem) :slight_smile:


There was a delay processing my Visa payment because my card does not have “Verified by Visa” aka “3-D secure”. So the payment had to be manually confirmed.

All sorted now, thanks to Jon @Elektron.