Elektron original price

I’m looking to compile a chart of the original prices of all elektron instruments (and more).
If any of you know the original prices for some of them please let me know :slight_smile:

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Use wayback machine https://archive.org/web/

and just go to the elektron.se website, you will be able to get the to ordering page so you can see the original price



Also note retail shops often sold the machines for about $50 less than what was listed on the Elektron site. You may want to consider looking at a range

thanks a lot! wayback machine did it!


Again, why?

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Why not!


yeah Why not? only out of interest


One possible explanation is that they might be wondering the price difference between the A4 and AK upon launch, so they can decide how reasonably priced Digitone Keys is. shrug

That said, if you need to ask why, I’d ask why you even clicked on the thread, etc.

I needed to ask as that’s how you learn things, chum.

Asking why (too early) can destroy​ the potential though. Let’s sit back and see what they come up with :slight_smile:

How did you find the prices btw?
I stopped changing years when I saw this :

My favorite @cenk jam now!
Yaybahar with its incredible instrument!
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