Elektron OT/MnM VS CDJ 2000 (N) + DJM Midi Out - Clock Sync

Hey Octatrack Lovers,

I got a qestion: does anybody has experience with syncing an Octatrack or MnM to CDJ 2000 using a Pioneer DJM Mixer with MIDI OUT?

I have herad thats possible to get the perfect Quantized (using rekordbox grid tracks on cdj 2000) Midi Clock through the Midi Out of the DJM 900.

The DJM 850 for examble has MIDI Out as well but no quantized button: any experience with using this compared to the DJM 900 (has quantize button) in combination with using the midi out clock signal?

Would a CDJ 2000 Nexus make any difference compared to the CDJ 2000 using this setup?

thanks for your feedback