Elektron Power Handle

Is this a joke?

"The power handle makes the Model: Cycles and Samples battery driven (4x AA not included) and can be flipped to become a tilt stand.

515 SEK

Coming next week."

Wasn’t it was originally stated to cost €30?

Inflation… :grinning:


Taking notes from TE :man_shrugging:


That does look very TE

…that would be around €50, slightly more but well…
where is the picture from? also: Coming next week , will it be on a tuesday?

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well…it’s on Elektron’s website so seems like it’ll be out for real :smile_cat:


Also did not expect it to take 4x AA batteries. I was hoping for a rechargeable solution with an internal battery. Am i alone in this? It’s essentially a sleeve for batteries you still have to purchase. I feel sort of hypocritical as I’ve been whining about the release but this seems pretty underwhelming other than the fact that I can likely tilt my cycles a bit in a portable setting. Wonder what the operational hours are as well.


It was previously announced that it would use AA batteries.


Idk. Internals die and then there’s nothing to be done.


no, I hate AA … 18650 would have yielded way more capacity / playtime.

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I love the look. I wonder if it will rotate to act as a stand, too.

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They at least could have found a way to not have a cable like that…


of course i would sell my m:s a few days before they announce it’s ready. :sob::cry:

Get rechargable AA size batteries?


nah… 18650 are used for so many things - most (rechargable) batterypacks use those…

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I give it a week before someone has hacked one to use a li-ion rechargeable, and to charge it in-situ.

i’d rather have those/rechargeable ones so you don’t end up having to change the entire handle after some time

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