Elektron Transfer RYTM questions

  1. Using Elektron Transfer, is it fast to transfer samples to the RYTM?
  2. How fast compared to C6?
  3. Is it as fast as copying files to a USB drive?
  4. I recall, on RYTM MK1, when I would exceed something like 510 files in a directory on RYTM, it would cause problems. Is there still a limit on how many samples can exist in a directory?

Here is the post showing that there is a 510 sample limit per directory. Would be great if that were documented in the manual:

Many thanks!

  1. Yes.
  2. I have Digitakt (used to have a Rytm mk1). 10mb of samples takes 46 seconds with the transfer app and it takes 9 minutes and 27 seconds with C6. (I’m asuming the speed is the same on Digitakt and Rytm.)
  3. Hell no, far from.
  4. Don’t know if there’s limitations of the number of files in a directory. But with the transfer app you can drag and drop folders so that helps.
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