Elektronaut Playlist, please add your suggestions

This came to my mind during the top 5 desert island album recommendations topic…

This is a shared Spotify Playlist so everyone should be able to directly add songs. Or even whole albums to it. No rules no genre just what my nauts want to suggest to hear…
I will not delete anything.
The starting song of Kate tempest…
I would be vary happy if this would work.
I have no experience with shared lists and I don’t know if it works. The FAQ said with this link you should be able to add stuff…

Thank you


No one? Is this such a whacky idea?
Everyone here is totally keen on giving hints to cool music / artists but nobody wants to listen to a community driven playlist? I thought it would be an easy solution.
Or is it the platform?


At least it works. Thx Q! Good one

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I can’t access the playlist through that link - what have you named it?

Ahh wait I see ‘Elektronauts Desert Island’ - I can’t find this playlist though!

Great idea imho, but unfortunately i’m not on Spotify (or any similar digital service) to add anything to it … here’s another thread bump though


Found it…nice one…good idea :grinning:

Nice idea, following your playlist and will also contribute some songs later if possible :wink:

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Perfect, feel free to add… waiting to be inspired and to inspire others with this list. :slight_smile:

Oh man you’re leaving this open to so much abuse.
starts humming 2 Legit 2 Quit


Mc hammer is not that bad. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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When I was young and first seriously starting to listen to music, I was obsessed with Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, Michael Jackson, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince …

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Ascending row. Loved them all, still love jazzy Jeff

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Some nice tracks on that list - be great if there were some more contributions tho!

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Yep. Especially as there were such a lot of suggestions in the desert island album thread

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how many tracks are we allowed to add? I have more than one favourite :wink:

I added a few and I think most other people did. If you look at the list it has your spotify username tied to it :+1:


Added 5 tracks :+1:


Very nice of you guys. The more people contribute the more diverse the playlist will be. Some excellent stuff in there already

Damn, I’m not on Spotify…
I would add

Pixies - Gouge Away
Radiohead - Just
Noir Désir - Tostaky
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit
RATM - Killing in the Name
Breeders - Cannonball

Would you add this for me please, when the playlist is going towards 90’s rock ?