Elektronauts @ Movement 2018, Detroit MI?

Any Elektronauts going to Movement this year? Wouldn’t mind meeting up for a beer or something. We are staying near Anchor Bar at the Double Tree Hilton. So my crew has settled on one of the boat parties (forget which one), the KRS Origins Party, and the Ital Vibes DnB Party. Any other must see side parties? We are mostly likely not hitting Hart Plaza this year. We are staying until Wednesday this year to make sure we can hit a party hard on Monday morning. Still haven’t decided which one yet. : ) <3

Yep. I will be there.

I am also playing the Tresor party if you feel like some harder techno vibes.


Cool. We may drop by depending on what else we have tickets for. If parties have easy in/out privileges and aren’t too far from each other, I do like to just wander between a couple parties. Good times : ) The best part about Movement is all the different flavors of music.