EMU Command Staions

Still in Love with this wonderful Boxes … here is a nice Video with an Octatrack…

Not my setup, but Love them and with the Prodatum Software Editor they are awesome value at these days !!!

Great boxes imho. E-Mu’s sound great and are deeeeeeep machines.

The Command Stations have a couple of very nifty tricks up there sleeves, number one being a little something called X-Mix, which EVERY sequencer should have.

yea thats true … even the function to mix down all 16 tracks into one … which is great for Live use …

variations of whole patterns on 16 tracks

But I was never fan of the colours they had — so here is my pimped version

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Ugh, yet another post lost to this forum :expressionless:

Painted or style flip?

Nice side wood.

well actually idea was to set up how to connect the Octa to CS… and the video is great - so lets see.

maybe I can even use the 16 programmable knobs for volume of my octa…

colours where done by customsynth.co.uk