Emulating syncussion

Greetings everyone! I figured it would be cool to try to emulate the syncussion drum synth on the analog four. I have looked through the original manual for info about the details, and here’s what i make of it. I’d be really greatful for input/tips or corrections.

I’ve listed the syncussion parameters, and apart from the obvious ones i put (what i guess are) the A4 equivalent parameters in paranthesis:

Channel parameters
Width: Cutoff filter frequency?

Sweed speed (Osc 2 pitch bend)
Sweep range (Osc 2 note slide time)
Sweep movement up/down (Osc 2 bend positive/negative value)

LFO waveform Square/Triangle
LFO speed
LFO depth (Destination: oscillator pitch)

Sample & hold pitch mod On/Off (LFO set to S&H in trig mode, destination oscillator pitch)

Oscillator volume

Oscillator modes
A: One oscillator sound – Basically regular output for each channel?
F: Only noise

Feel free to correct or share your opinions. Now, some questions:

What type is the filter?
Is width simply controlling cutoff value, or is it a filter decay sweep?
Is mode B based on FM or AM synthesis? Or something else?
What does mode C and D do?
Is mode E similar to mode B, with noise mixed in? Or something else?

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bump – also interested.


I don’t know syncussion but these sounds are really good.

Thank you. @sezare56
A4 FM Drum Patch Pack is made mainly using self-oscillation of the filter, so sound making is different from syncussion.

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