Hey guys,
hageir over here :slight_smile:

My Machinedrum stopped powering on so I decided to check the fuse.
In the proccess of taking the knobs off I managed to pull most of them off smoothly, except for two of them,
the plastic shaft came loose from the rotary-pot inside the machine…

They don’t look broken but I can’t get them to snap back into the metal pot…

What I wanted to know;
were the shafts glued on originally?
It looks like there’s a small trace of glue on the middle of the pot (where it sits in the hole of the actual metallic pot)

Just want to ask before I glue the suckers back in!

Thanks a ton guys and happy holidays!

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Please contact support.

I think it´s better to just exchange the encoders, than trying to fix them with glue. IMHO, you´re quite likely to get them give erroneous readings of their position. That is if you get them to fit as they were before (and that they´ll rotate smoothly).

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Thanks Mike,
but that’s not really what I’m after :slight_smile:
I appreciate it, but someone here must have gotten to this point…
The shafts are most probably, originally glued on in the factory, the plastic shaft doesn’t move (it only rotates the actual pot) and the little plastic rod/extender which pushes the button wouldn’t come close to the glue…
I’m gonna go ahead with this :slight_smile: I BELIEVE!

Eh, worst-case you’re no worse off than you are now and contact support anyway, I say go for it, especially if the warranty is up anyway :slight_smile:

surely there’s something on the old forum about encoders ?o.O


Here is the thread from EU what I done.

Thanks a ton for this one, didn’t see it on EU…
So those little shafts had snapping parts on them after all…
Well, I guess my little baby could use a set of new encoders :slight_smile:
But until then I’mma try and (precision) glue those suckers back into place