EQ's on OT any good on the master (track 8) for live show?

I’m playing my first show soon since before lockdown so it has been a while. I used to bring a more complex setup with a 12 channel mixer with parametric EQs, and using external FX pedals, etc. I do not want to go through the stress of that this time, so I’m keeping things as simple as possible: only using my Octatrack, Digitone and iPad. Both the DN and iPad are being fed directly into the OT. I’m pleased with the OT’s compressor but wondering if two EQs (regular and DJ) are good enough on the master out using Track 8? It would be too much for me to manually adjust each track’s filter / EQ on all 3 machines while focusing on a lot of other things, so hoping to make broader EQ adjustments to the master as I go. So are they any good? Thanks!



Thanks but which one? The regular or DJ EQ? Both? :thinking:

…for stage…hell yeah…
…for studio…not so much…

the dj classic three band kill switch will do all the trick…

but no real need for it on master…way more efficient on those engines that carry ur low end stuff…
most show effective on master track is a compressor and a freeze delay…


Dj eq for quick and easy, parametric eq for more detailed twiddling.

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Since you have the OT, why not try out the EQs yourself?


I’m using semi-decent headphones but not my studio ones as I’m not in my hometown these days. It sounds fin e to me but wanted to get more expert opinions here.