Erica Pico Drum sample chains for Octatrack (9.2 MB)

I got into this game a couple of years ago via one of these -

Very nice gateway drug :slight_smile: ultimately a bit limited by its small size.

Has a pair of nice sample players, the Pico Drum modules.

Took me a while to realise these came with a number of sample packs, not just the default ones. They are a bit fiddly to change on the Pico Drum, so I started wondering about using them on the Octatrack.

Digging into the Pico Drum web loader, I discover Erica have an AWS S3 bucket containing the samples -

The .bin format they use is a bit strange, I think it’s some kind of zip format, but I was able to “liberate” the samples from this into nice evenly- spaced chains, fresh for slicing on the Octatrack :slight_smile:

And there is some nice stuff in there too - the default pack is full of classic Roland sounds, I particularly like the Raitis Vinyl Cuts.

I have cut these samples at 250ms each, but if you want to increase the sample length (some have been truncated) then the (Python) source code for this is here, with instructions -

(I realise not everyone here will know Python, but it’s a great skill to have, the code is pretty easy, here’s your chance :slight_smile: )

Hoping people like these, have fun, and hope Erica don’t get too mad at me (I am a good customer! :slight_smile: )

(I haven’t quite got round to testing these in the Octa, but am 99% sure they should work fine - let me know if not).

(Postscript - I had to remove a couple to get inside the forum 10mb upload limit - see source code to extract the lot)


Outstanding - great effort!

Awesome stuff man, I was just looking for some CR-78 and 606 one shots for a project, so this will save me a job with octa-chain.