Error message when creating sample directory

When I try to create a new sample directory I get an error message on the unit…?

What does the error message say?

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Just “error”

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there have been various reports of the +drive sample file structure somehow getting messed up, this can take various forms…

personally had some folders which I could not delete because Rytm thought they were not empty, even though they were.

can you create a folder anywhere? E.g. if it doesn’t work at the top level, can you make one inside the incoming folder?

not sure if this can be fixed… worst case, +drive reformatting is necessary…


the file structure is definitely one of Elektron’s weaknesses…

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Man the librarian is way overdue.

Try doing it in a new project. That usually works for me…

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How do I re-format? Factory reset?

go to global > system > format +drive.
choose whether you want to erase projects, samples or both.

this will delete all samples!


Including the factory samples?

no, factory samples are never lost.
If you format projects+sounds and samples, the machine will be wiped clean, except for factory samples; if you then do a factory reset, the factory demo project is loaded into project slot 1.

Good luck!


That did it thanks champ!


I noticed that some of the factory sounds on the plus drive will correctly look for the factory sample, but some of the sounds will actually look to the sample pool

Therefore if you load them (in another project) and the pool is empty it’ll not be as intended

Is it feasible to get into this pickle from a user’s perspective (i rarely use samples) … ? … I also wonder how Elektron got it like that (even though the sample the sound is needing is there, it’s just not being hunted for) ?

Also, do you think that advising them would be of any use (i.e. is the factory content (less samples) embedded in an os somehow, or is it stashed away on +Drive)

The reason I ask (not that the factory content has much for me) is that the thought of doing a wipe is quite appealing, I’m guessing if I’ve corrected a few of these Sounds they’ll be set back to linking to a pool position and not the sample itself (iirc there are at least two in the first ten sounds of bank A)

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Not sure what’s going on with the factory sounds, would need to check them out, but my hunch is that some sounds may accidentally not contain info about the used sample, only the slot number…

in the project settings, and in a sound using a sample, there is this identifier; it’s 32 16 bytes and indicates whether a sample is factory or user, the order in which it was transferred, length, some sort of checksum and more things… haven’t figured it all out.

If this identifier is present in a sound, and you load that sound from +drive, AR will figure out what to do aka load the sample to the project etc…

dunno what would lead to the identifier getting lost/broken… maybe was an old OS issue or whatevs…

if you name an example or two I’ll check em out!

personally using samples a lot, but almost never save/reuse sounds… so not a ton experience with that.

recently did a full wipe of my machine and it feels good tbh!


I had a list which I deleted as I thought it wasn’t going to be an issue for me

But I am very sure that A002 QUCK which references Kick Dusty (a valid sample) was one example, I think it may have referenced Slot 03 iirc (i fixed A002, but there were more even in the first few sounds) … so yeah, a bit inconvenient if you load a sound but get something random/empty … it’s good to have those insights into the structure, but I’ve not yet noticed a problem on a sound I’ve saved, could be annoying if you made a great sound but lost the link and forgot the source sample

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yea can confirm the QUCK sound does that!
it has a sample identifier, but somehow Rytm fails to find the corresponding sample on the +drive.

01000056 30B8DA3D 000155DC 00000000

a user sample e.g. looks like this:

00000004 5D00BBAF 00038D68 BEEFD19C

(note the ‘01’ byte at the beginning… says it’s factory, vs ‘00’ == user.)

ok so in the factory project, no sample with that above ID is present.
the ID stored in that sound got somehow messed up, maybe prerelease OS version or something…
the bytes from offset 8-16 (000155DC) are the sample length (must be! samples of same length have this part identical) - this matches the ‘kick dusty’ sample, but the the 8 bytes before that (30B8DA3D) which I think are a checksum, do not.

(the other parts refer to position on the +drive or something, maybe, need to do look into it further… the important bits for identifying a sample are the inner 16 bytes)


Okay- perhaps something from these last few posts that @Olle can pass back to the team on Monday (especially with detail above) … obviously not a huge issue compared to some other outstanding issues (cough, Amp Env reset), but worth documenting and fixing if possible

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yea! will also file a bug…
but obv they’re 120% working on Digitakt rn…


Sure. But a support ticket is the way to go.


For sure, as @void has more useful detail then maybe best to let him file this as he has suggested, otherwise I’m happy to

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