EU vendor for stereo summing cables

I’m looking for an EU vendor for a stereo summing cable (with resistors), like this one: Amazon wants $80 in shipping for a $18 cable, which seems a bit much. I know I can solder one up if I have to, but I’m lazy.

I couldn’t find exactly what you want but try Thomann. For example:


Waw, i didn t even know anyone is selling those!

Oh, thanks! I’d checked Thomann, but it’s not easy to search for.

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I think Flashback in the UK will make pretty much anything: Flasback Cables

Failing that it’s a striaght forward soldering job if you fancy getting your eye in and making bespoke cables :slight_smile:

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Thomann has an awesome tool called « cable guy » where you can find any cable available in the website. You can select by plug, socket, colour, material, length, price range, and manufacturer

I just ordered everything for a patchbay, it would have been impossible to get all the cables at the right length without this tool. :+1:


Woah! I’d never seen that before! That’s awesome. That said, I think that specific cable might not have the resistors in it — it’s hard to tell from the description. Totally using that tool, though!

For the cable, don’t hesitate to call them, they are always helpful.

I guess the resistances are on the signal path to prevent potential distortion after summing the signal, so if you have total control on your signal, simply lower by 3dB from your stereo source should get you covered.

Some gear apparently can get unhappy over time from having the channels shorted? But yeah, probably not an issue with modern kit.

The resistors are there to prevent the current from the outputs going back into the other output (i.e. left output sending current to right output, and vice versa). Lowering by 3dB won’t help, if I understand correctly.

This is an excellent article:


This ebay seller makes them in the UK:

I bought one from them a while ago and it seems to work fine for my volcas.


That’s what I thought. Thanks!

Not selling them any more / at the moment, but I’ve reached out to see.

Unfortunately several other options listed above no longer offer them.

I reached out directly to the seller, and he’s trying to get off eBay and go it alone.
He has a new webstore here:

I also communicated with him via DM:
And he was happy to additionally build me something not on the store (dual mono to mono, for ND2).

Delivered without hassle to Switzerland for a reasonable price - happy customer.


Ooh, nice!