Ever accidentally hit the Stop button while playing live?

Or the Play button unintentionally ? I haven’t done it yet whilst playing at home…but just wondering whether it might be a good idea to have live performance “stop and play safe” settings which would require say a modifier key to bring things to a pause or halt.

Especially seeing as the combo for live plock recording is rec + play while the sequencer is running.

i think it’s a good idea as an option, whilst some don’t need it, i occasionally try a copy or paste command out that is not valid and inadvertently press stop as a consequence

the consequences of accidental stop with the OT are more troubling than with other gear imo

a modifier option(s) like Yes + Stop for live safeguards would be a nice and easy fix, but i doubt there’d be much demand, i’m in !

yeah…it just seems slightly nuts to me to have an unprotected stop button right bang in the middle of live performance controls, when as you say it would be such a simple fix.

glad i’m not the only one !

I’ve done it a few times during live performance. I typically immediately crank my space or other effect unit into heavily wet zones and then fill up some space with the op1 for a minute before hitting play again. It’s usually slightly awkward but at least adds a sense of tension/build up before resuming.

It’s usually only an issue if I’m trying to clear track page settings too fast on the OT. I would love a safety net though.

I have done it once… lucky for me it was with a full band, so the music didn’t suddenly stop and people barely noticed it. a safety option would be appreciated.

it happends to me many times. its very annoying…
the option to lock the play and stop buttons would be great!

Happened to me once years ago using a Sequentix P3 sequencer - so I asked for (and received) a “safe stop” mode, which really helped. It’s also in Cirklon, which I use as master clock now anyway. Always thought the Elektron transport keys were in an unusual order compared to other stuff. Part of the charm, I guess. :slight_smile:

sad reality for me, and sometimes with my MD,
I happened to hitting the key song mode … with the joy of chaos