"everything lasts forever" by (d)/glitched (octa, a4, digi)

“e̵v̴e̸r̷y̷t̴h̴i̶n̵g̵ ̸l̶a̴s̷t̵s̷ ̸f̷o̴r̵e̷v̵e̴r̴” is my new, 9-track album.
If you like non-linear, morphing electronic-music that can keep you interested for a good few minutes, this album is for you. Anti-Instagram music. Long form experimentalism. Download it, and wrap yourself up in it.
Key words: glitchy, sci-fi, WARP, AE NTS, etc.

If you listen and like it, spread the word.

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EDIT: free codes used up :frowning:
There may be another batch, soon :wink:

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Only starting to listen to it but already find it very interesting. Will listen to the whole thing later tonight. The obvious question is what gear did you use?

Hey, thanks for listening!
Of course, I don’t mind talking about my tools; this is a gear-focused forum, after all.

In general, I can only focus on one machine at a time (the one that’s right in front of me), so most tracks are just one main instrument. No external sequencing.

  1. Air 2 breathe - All Analog 4 MKII. Produced with sounds from an upcoming soundpack. Heavy reliance on A4 efx and automating them (with A4 sequencer). Through Analog Heat.

  2. breaker - Another all Analog 4, through AH.

  3. no return - Digitone through AH. The “compression” is triggered by the AH. Filter is set to “follow” the transients of the track.

  4. encoded - a “found” track produced with the Octa MKII. I believe the original sample source was something from the AR I randomly recorded; it was heavily time-stretched and affected. Digitone does the tonal thing in the background. Everything through AH for filtering.

  5. e̵v̴e̸r̷y̷t̴h̴i̶n̵g̵ ̸l̶a̴s̷t̵s̷ ̸f̷o̴r̵e̷v̵e̴r̴ - One of the few tracks that has a bit of everything. Main = digitone; “spitting” lead = A4; bass = AR; percussive element = digitone.

  6. the year together - All Analog 4 through AH. Modulation of efx, such as the reverb pre-delay, for extra eerieness. The end of this one reminds me of the beginning of “Inception,” with those big, dissonant stabs.

  7. 15 cyclic 30 - A M:C track. M:C through Octa, through AH, to be exact. Again, all internal sequencing. Weird time-sig stuff.

  8. silicon avatar - Can anyone guess where I got the idea for this title? Anyway, another random thing I through into the Octa. There’s another intermittent “sax” FM layer by digitone. I experimented with dynamic EQ to allow the bass from that digitone part to come through.

  9. still raw - Analog Rytm. I believe I sampled in some Monomachine thing for the main loop. Dual VCO for the synth.

  10. user (bonus) - A4. This was the first track I did when I got the MKII and I thought it was cool, but the complexion of the album changed throughout time, so I swapped it out and made it a bonus track. Still think it’s cool.

  11. transcoded (bonus) - from the same session as “encoded.” Just a different take, with more rhythmical elements.

  12. washed (bonus) - Digitone through AH. To the point. I just love the saturation and odd harmonics that both the digitone’s on-board overdrive and the AH’s dist imbues to a source signal.

I hope this information adds to your listening enjoyment.


That’s awesome, thanks a lot for taking the time to write that! Didn’t realize the sound pallette was so Elektron-heavy. Will definitely pick your A4 soundpack when it’s released!

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You are so talented with the Elektron boxes!!!

Thanks for the details…you know I’m always curious :blue_heart::raised_hands::orange_heart::mage:‍♂:blue_heart:

Do you still have a monomachine? I see you sampled it in song #9

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Much respect, friend! Right back at you!

Damn, I do wish I had the Monomachine back…
I went through some of my unfinished projects from 2017 and I wish I could re-record some parts or add something.

I let the SFX-6 go because I thought I had explored the machine to the max; that, and AE kinda “owns” that sound.

Anyway, that’s off-topic! Thanks for the listens!

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Love your use of the OT on “Encoded”, and really appreciating you giving us all a detailed breakdown of what was used on each track. :black_heart:


Looking forward to the next album bud!!!

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A few more codes if you want to download it (you get 3 bonus tracks; access to 24-bit FLAC!)