Evolver Desktop Drums / Percussion Sounds

Has anyone had success creating interesting and nice sounding drum and percussive patches on the Evolver?

Haven’t had much success with this and wondering if anyone has useful tips.


Check the

The Definite Guide to Evolver by Anu Kirk its awesome
the Rozzer Evo Bank not so percussive but nice sounds and sequencces some samples and nice patches and good ambient music!

also do you try the evolver for processing sound? it really works for fatten drums or to give an Analog gritty flavor. and for the percussive sounds it works… really metallic and the noise and distort allow you to make or process the Kicks and drums or to make more glitchy perc sounds. i use it more for bass and leads. but with these post im looking back to the percussive side of the evolver. :smiley_cat:


Oh nice thanks! I haven’t tried doing any sound processing from external sources with the Evolver yet. I’m going to try it out. I wonder if it will make the Volca Beats sound more interesting :slight_smile:
I don’t have a drum machine and the majority of the drum sounds I used are field recordings that I processed and tweaked on the computer, so I was hoping that the Evolver could also function as quirky analog drum machine. I’m gonna check out the bank you suggested too!

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I have and love the evolver, I can’t quite recall the extent of filter resonance and whether it can self-resonate and be blipped fast enough … everything else about it is unbelievably flexible … That guide is great, very much a labour of love, see here

Also, basics of drum synthesis are transferable between devices … see here for some starter strategies for various types of sounds …



Good call, that series is classic.

Also I still want an Evolver!

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I’ve been reading through the Anu Kirk’s tutorial you suggested and also started sending an audio in signal to the Evolver, but i wonder, is there a specific Trigger Sel parameter that you usually choose when you only want to create a patch for external audio processing without any added oscillators from the Evolver?

I’ve been using the E1 setting, where envelopes go into phase when the audio-in level drops below an arbitrary threshold point, and it causes clicks and pops. I was hoping that there would be a setting that lets the audio and envelopes run free. As in - a setting that keeps the audio in gate open at all times.

Yes. Great for percussion. Use all four sequencer channels and lfos and distortion and resonator. Great hats and percs and less so for kicks but still cool. Play with filter, rez, noise too.

The Trigger Select setting controls how the VCA envelope is triggered. For ongoing sound, you should set a non-zero value for the VCA Level parameter and set the Oscillator levels to zero. The VCA envelope and the Trigger Select setting then become unnecessary.


Wonderful thank you!! I’m still learning so much about synthesizer, obviously. Thanks for the help.