Exchange projects between OT¨s

hello guys

I would like to transfer projects between 2 OT´s…

my questions is, how should I do this? both have the same soundback,

should I just copy the project folder? as I just mentioned both OT´s share the same soundback

maybe a dumb question but as I see some log text files I wonder if those should be taken in consideration too?


You can copy a project directory to the second OT, but you also need to have the same path for your samples (and copy all samples used on slot lists).
Next on second OT just switch a project, should work.

The foolproof way is to use the collect all samples function to make the project entirely self contained, then you can use it on any octatrack.

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thanks for your answers guys…

Nrain: is there a specific way to do a self cointained ? sorry I´m traveling and no chance to check that until next week…

Project menu> Collect Samples