Expert Sleepers Disting mk4

I do love this small beast!!!
Building my modular I ended buying seven Distings, using all of them in every patch. This module is huge and absolutely mindblowing. It,s not a toy and is much more than simply a “swissknife”. Is a powerful machine for making music. I use it mainly as quantizer, precision adder, lfo, shift register, clocked delay, wavetable oscillator, euclidean pattern generator, clock generator and sample player. And also the vco are very good.
Wath do you think about it? I do enjoy it and should like to know how do you use it, your favorite algoritms, tips and tricks…


I thought it was great when I had one, I think the interface lets it down slightly although the mk4 is much better than previous versions. I think the algorithms are all very useful, I think it deserves to be the most popular eurorack module.

My faves were the fx, sample players, and cv utilities.

The only reason I sold mine was because I sold my last remaining euro system and that was in the system (Roland Sys500) where it fitted perfectly in both size and function.

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The interface needs time to be assimilated, specially with parameters, that are the Disting,s secret weapons, very much expanding algoritm possibilities.

I wish I used mine more. I can’t be arsed looking in the PDF to what each of the things do. and then fiddling with the terrible knob functions to use it.

I’m eyeing on this, but don’t know it the Disting Ex is worth it compared to the mk4. Does anyone use it as a sample player with midi?

Yes, not intuitive interface. But it forces you to think step by step. After a while using it, algoritms become more confortable. Finally, when you master it, is very exiting to think that there are other 96 waiting to be discovered! The rack became endless…

Never used the Ex. Being a double Disting with some specific algoritms, it have to be a great module. But for my rack 229 mA in 8hp are really too much. I don’t thing to give it a try…

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Yes size is also an issue here. But i’m keen on the polyphonic multisample player. Does the mk4 has that algoritm?

Mk4 has two multisample playback algoritms: J3 and J6. I never tried it, but I think are monophonic, no poliphony here!
Advise: Disting has a very peculiar way to manage samples: you have to write files and load on the SD card… is a little bit complex. But nothing is impossible! I am not a PC genius and in an afternoon learned everything I need to use samples playback on Disting without any problem.

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that’s one way of saying it forces you to stop what you’re doing and read a manual each time you use it, and then even the manual is confusing.

for eg. they changed the operation of the sample playback function with a firmware update and simply forgot to tell anyone. All the .txt files with names/locations of samples suddenly didn’t work.

I agree, if you want fast and intuitive modular functions, Disting is not for you. After a while, you find yourself always reading the manual. This module slows your workflow. Paradox: this is the reason why I like it so much.

You like it because its designed poorly?

I’m going to bow out of this one.

I don’t think it is poorly designd. I think is complex. If you push 97 algoritms in 4hp, the result is complexity. And complexity for me is not a cons, is a pro!

Have you looked at Ornament and Crime? It’s another “many functions” module with a better interface (not as many functions as the Expert Sleepers one though).

I admit I haven’t used one but I love my uO_C (I have parts for two more ready to be built when I have time).

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I think he’s saying he likes that it slows him down and makes him think about what he’s doing.

Never tried uO_C, I just read some about it and think is a very interesting module. But for me only assembled: I’m not a DIY guy!!! :sweat_smile:


I’m pretty sure you can buy them already assembled from a few builders around the internet.

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the 4hp is a limitation set by the designer for no reason. It’s complex only because the interface feedback is so bad.

Like I’ve said, I’ve owned one since launch, I don’t use it much beyond a turing machine or sample player.

Rack space is a problem for many eurorack users, so only 4hp for many functions is a big pros!!
Also I find Disting design is very very well thought. Think about the lighting sokets, showing you polarity and level of the signals. Is a brilliant idea. There are some interface limitations, because of so many functions in a few space, but everything works very well. And sometimes (for someone) limitations pop up creativity!


Thanks, that is a huge differce then with the Ex. As far as i know it’s 8 note polyphonic. (in think loopop mentioned it in his review).