Expert Sleepers FH-2 Midi-CV module

Got a question and found there’s not a central thread for the FH-2, which seems one of the most popular midi-cv modules here. So thought I’d make a thread for it - and start it off with my question.

Anyone using / tried it already with a Lauchpad as sequencer? I’ve been enjoying my modular on the couch and realize that if I’d add a small sample player module and some drum sequencing I’d have a full live system.

I have a Launchpad X but only briefly tried the new integration. Seemed to work rather smoothly. I have loads of other sequencing options though so I’d rather just keep it a a grid-style performance controller.

The FH-2 is an amazing module BTW. I use it with OT and a Roland DIN-to-USB MIDI adapter.


I’m quickly seeing why it’s getting so much love.

When I ever see like a dirt cheap launchpad mini mk3 on Craigslist I think I’m gonna try it out - seems like a perfect solution to run my Eurorack stand-alone when away from my OT/Rytm to sequence it.

anybody know if there is a setting in the config tool or a way to delay a gate in/with the FH-2?
I would like to delay the gate by a couple ms behind the note info.

UPDATE: for those using FH-2, was talking with Andrew, he was telling me you can delay a gate or a trigger by going into the FH-2 in the Presets menu > Edit Preset > Smoothing.

add a little smoothing to the output you want to affect. and that should offset the gate/trig a little. you can go up to 1sec. im triggering slices on a morphagene with my MD. you need to only slightly delay the trig to follow being the slice selection CV. I get the out put to Trigger and smoothed the output by a value of 5. and its super tight. :+1:t6: testing how the switches are handling 185bmp. also tight :+1:t6:
werks with whatever.

Andrew is SUPER helpful. and very tolerant with the dim :slight_smile:



You already figured out how to get an LFO from the FH-2? I haven’t - I feel like I’m approaching it wrong. Can it generate an LFO? Or how do I send one over midi from an elektron sequencer? I’m probably thinking at it the wrong way…

you can do both.

I cant figure how to get some stuff to werk from the config tool [waiting for an answer on that example: smoothing] but if you go into the same location I mentioned, but go into LFO instead of Smoothing, you can set it up there.

if you want LFO from your Elektron, you can do something like this…[ignore output 1 and 2. im using that for something. focus on 8]

so in the midi converters [top panel] enable your output.
in the configurator [lower panel] you can set the voltage range, you set what channel its coming in on, and you set which CC its receiving. so id have on my OT lets say, MIDI channel 1 sending an LFO on CC 8 to the FH-2.

you also need to direct the signal. on my Mac I use MIDI Pipe. its a free midi router. you can do it via your DAW too…I find midi pipe is a bit faster. OR you can plug directly into the FH-2.

lemme know if that helps or you need more clarity.

make sure at the top of the config tool you set the Send Upload ports to the FH-2

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so this is the MD sending Note and Gate to the FH-2, as well as three LFOs.
the FH-2 is converting the Gate into a Trigger, and the LFOs come in bit by bit fucking stuff up.

  • output 6 goes to Morphagene Slide - RND LFO trig
  • output 7 goes to Morphagene Varispeed - Sine LFO free
  • output 8 goes to Morphagene Gene Size - RND LFO trig

I start by adding 7, then 6 then 8. I use counting to test, so I can tell if its getting the slices correctly
shat example, but it shows its doable, and if it can be done on with the MD, which is a pain in the ass to do it with, you should SET with any other Elektron box :+1:t6:

lemme know if you need anymore help. im not the greatest at explaining stuff.

and its nice and tite with timing [more shitty example]

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That sound example is epic. So good!

The FH-2 is a bit complex isn’t it? (PS until now I’m doing it all on the FH-2, so maybe this browser app will help also) After work I’m going to figure it out this weekend following your explanation. Thanks a lot - I’ll let you know back!

Once you get the idea of all routing and stuff…it’s pretty awesome. It get easier and easier to use too. :slight_smile:

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Yeah not complaining also - everything that I’ve figured out already (clock, gates, envelopes, midi to cv gates/pitch) makes sense already.

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so the last bit I can’t figure out…

example: smoothing. I can set that up in the FH-2 no problem. but Andrew said it also be done from the Config Tool. but I don’t understand how to set it up. the only fields in any of the tabs, LFO, Smoothing, etc, just have Channel and CC options. I have NO IDEA how to set the value of smoothing on a trig from the Config Tool. and there’s no documentation of the tool.

Question about the FH-2 internal LFOs, within the preset menu. I’ve almost succeeded to set one up: it’s already firing, I’ve got it on the FH-2 output I want, I can set the shape (some for example), and the coarse timing works to set a tempo.

Only it keeps firing one-shot LFOs. Seems tempo synced, after a brief static rest (longer rest when LFO time is longer) it fires a one-shot LFO again. Etc.

Anyone figured out how to make it run continuously?

Andrew is super good about responding.

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