Expert Sleepers - USAMO - audio to midiclock (syncgen like)

Hello Elektronauts,

Just see on Synthtopia, Expert Sleepers announce the USAMO (, midiclock jitter free generated by analog audio from audio interface + VST.

This is the same concept than Syncgen, ACME, but only one midi output.

I hope this will be cheaper than existing solution ! But it is nice to see all this company go on this road ! Audio based midiclock should be the standard !

EDIT : Expert Sleepers already have a audio to midiclock jitter free system but in modular format : . Work with Spdif.

Its now available!!

Cost me $196AUD (shipping included) - seems like a small price to pay for tighter MIDI

Righto, here’s my review now that I’ve finally had a chance to get this thing set up & have a play…


As much as I love the the AR, it’s always bugged the hell out of me that I couldn’t get it to play nice with the Reason sequencer. Since Reason has always been my go to for complex percussive sequencing, I had grand designs of layering a fat juicy analog beat over the top of it - only to be cruelly taunted by MIDI jitter.

Anyways, the curse is broken and I’ve been celebrating at 170BM. For my next trick, I’ll be integrating the Virus.

It was a bugger to set up though.

Can you split the Midi-out from this box to several hardware synths, and keep the jitter/timing down, or does it only work for one dedicated midi out connection to a single piece of hardware?

For instance: I use an old Kawai MAV-8 Midi patchbay. Could I pipe the master DAW midi to several devices through the MAV-8?

Shouldn’t be a problem since it’s a standard single MIDI port with full 16 channels. There’s also talk on other boards of people successfully using thru boxes & whatnot.

Had another play around. This time I connected the AR thru to the virus input, driving 3 individual channels in a multi with simultaneous arps on two of them. Everything’s still good.

Any more comments/reviews on this from other users? About to make a purchase I think.

Just got the Usamo. ANyone else having weirdass issues? It’s wiping my OT projects clean and death killing them real good. sigh.