Extreme vocal processing hardware?

Can you recommend a hardware based vocal processor for extreme voice manipulation?

I’m not trying to sound pretty. Looking to turn my lackluster voice into something completely different and interesting to stick into the background of house/techno tracks.

Aware of the Roland VT-3, and the world of vocal processors for proper singers. Anything exist beyond that? Thanks!

Any effects pedals!

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I had the TC helicon voicelive extreme 2 (or something like that). It can do a lot. And it’s expensive.

The tc helicon individual vocal pedals have different features. Some for harmony, some for making vox more lush, some for messing up vox. The pitch correction or critical mass might suit you but I’ve not tried them yet myself.

I can imagine the analog heat could do some amazing stuff to vox???

Good luck! Sam

Eventide PitchFactor and/or ModFactor (or H9 with those algos)?

boss se-50

Used tc helicon voicelive pedals

I knew a guy who did some pretty cool vocal manipulations live with a kaoss pad 3.