Fake Plants or Real Plants in your Studio

Anybody got artificial plants in your studio, was it easy to forget they were not real… does it bug you, was it a nice enhancement of the vibe you were used to, did you get tired of them?

I got a few fake bamboo for my yard last march in the 1st lockdown and they look cool.

imo they can be great it they’re in the background kinda thing. peripheral view vibe.
Real plants are simply much better if its a prime spot they’ll be in, whether outside or inside. I fink.

also, some look better than others. gotta see em in person to know. some high end ones look amazin, n some cheap ones have awful lookin leaves etc.

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No plants in my studio. Lots of plants throughout the rest of the house though, my partner is as obsessed with plants as I am with synths :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have animal skulls and puke pink ceramic cat.


I’m a plant lover but I’m stuck on this one, like pidgeo said some of them look amazing and some look weird, mostly I’m worried that I’ll pay too much attention to the fact that they aren’t real… if I could forget about them then it might be a nice addition I dunno lol

but are they imitation or real hahahaha

One lone pothos by the window. It is real. I water it away from any electronics. No succulents next to my digitone lest I resemble a youtuber.

They are real. I inherited them from a place I used to work at when they closed.

Sounds cozy!

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I seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

but would you gel with them in the same way if they were imitations, maybe I should try one out, I’m getting tired of maintaining the one’s I have and they are too close to electronics

Or I am a budding Dexter. You decide : ) lol

:grimacing: :footprints: :footprints: :footprints: :footprints: :footprints: :footprints: :footprints: :footprints: :footprints: :footprints: :footprints:

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Since this happened( clumsy cat) I keep the plants far away from the gear…


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Ok…enough. :laughing:

I planned to put some plants on my desk/next to my desk when I finished moving around my gear. We have mostly succulents, but we’ll see.
I always wanted some massive plants next to my gear. :slight_smile:


What’s next for Elektron? Will we see Mk3 flower pots in 2021?


Starting to sound a lot like the folks at llllllll.co now, :laughing:

All my studio plants are real. I can’t stand fake plants in any context.


Same here. I loathe plastic plants.

In my studio I have 2 little avocado trees, the biggest one must be 1-meter tall.
I just can’t live without plants around me. I’m named after one of the most beautiful trees, after all ^^
In my garden I have the little ash tree I started to care after 30 years ago.
And I’m currently listening to Vandana Shiva talking, to grab some samples…

:deciduous_tree: :cactus: :ear_of_rice: