"Faking" Portamento and Pitch Glide on the Digitakt

I always hesitate to post tutorials here as I know that there’s a lot of knowledgeable folk here, but I figure if it helps just one Digitakteer out it’s worth it.

Portamento or pitch glide sits at the very heart of many soaring lead sounds, acidic basslines and characterful pads - which is why if was a longstanding feature request for the Digitone; one that finally got granted in a firmware update. The Digitakt, however, is not as lucky, but all is not lost as it’s still possible to “fake” portamento thanks to the exceptionally flexible LFO section and some careful parameter locking.

In this video I go through the mechanics of setting up this technique, make some suggestions around workflow for incorporating it into your patterns and highlight a few “gotchas” to be mindful of.


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Please dont hesitate to do so…
Ive always found your videos interesting, informative, and knowledgeable.
Also, you have that buttery smooth voice which is so soothing sounding…
You might be the Bob Ross of Elektron music machine videos…


I watch your videos even when you are discussing devices that I don’t have and am not likely to acquire. Always appreciated!