Favourite Multitrack EQ for mixing/mastering

For surgical eq I use the stock DAW eqs, although fabfilterQ2 has been on my “to-buy” list for a long time for this (love it in Autia Pro)

Interesting, I have rather rudimentary knowledge of (and experience in) dynamic EQ… I’m guilty of using an HPF to eliminate rumble and low end but at least its on a per track basis rather than a mixbus.

So Dynamic EQ effectively kicks in on a selected track every time it hears noise/transient at that particular frequency of the track and then deactivates once the transient has passed (sort of like a compressor)…

I really need to read up on mixing again… ive been so busy jamming that I really should revisit the topic… i have a looooong list of tracks I need to clean up… :confused:

I have to say people swear by this…

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i recently read an article that said if the low end is not getting in the way, don’t filter it.

also, don’t have hpf or lpf applied to a track by default, even before there is audio on there, as that way it is impossible to know what is being lost.

non-intrusive low end elements of parts should often be left there as-is, as they contribute to overall fullness. but if there is an obvious need to low pass filter out a competing element, then by all means.

if the LPF carving technique is not used on a track, then maybe use a parametric eq just to attenuate somewhere around 100-200hz if there is some boominess.

or reduce an area around 6.4khz to reduce overly taxing high-end, if i remember correctly.

Yes good point - I actually never record with anything on by default unless I want to print a wet signal from a UAD plugin at the source.

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yes it is the controller… which gives you a fast workflow. it sounds sweet for add frequencies. the Neutron i use only for remove frequencies, because it can be sometimes harsh. for me it is a combination of both…

my problem channel strip is like that:

  1. Neutron EQ to remove frequencies
  2. Console 1 - SSL or Britisch Console - incl. Gate, EQ, Compression and Saturation

The Saturation of Console 1 make your Tracks feel like they are a unity

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