Feedback on Live Rig Wiring/Routing

Putting together my live rig for (hopefully) a good long while and I think I’ve got it all mainly sorted out, though I’m looking for feedback on whether a USB hub or MIDI Merger would be more useful in the long run. I’m leaning towards USB hub, but I’m not really sure.

Also need to avoid MIDI Loop issues, which I think can be avoided if OT is set to have transport and clock receive OFF.

Here’s a diagram:

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Bumping this so I can get some help :slight_smile:

EDIT: So it turns out the Keystep I/O can act as MIDI Thru. I wonder if I’ll end up with weird loopback if I have it wired like OT -> DN -> iPad -> Keystep -> back to OT

Then the Keystep could control the DN and iPad when on the right channels, and the iPad can control the DN thru the OT via the right channels. Wouldn’t I then get doubled notes though since it’s basically a giant loop?

I wouldn’t sequence the DN with the slaved iPad, and I wouldn’t use the iPad as a controller for the OT.

I’d sequence everything with the OT. Get a midi (DIN) thru box (midi-splitter), don’t daisy chain. Put the midi keyboard into OT midi in and use direct channel to play iPad and DN.

Depends on what music you make. If your planned set is continuous, as in no room for stopping etc. loading new projects in AUM would be an issue - it can take quite a while to load a new project and it may not sync. Carefully choose apps to use in AUM, save their presets in AUM, then use OT to switch AU presets without changing AUM project. Test extensively for stability.

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I don’t need to load new projects in AUM. AUM is simply acting as an FX processor with some random sequencers (Rozeta) and Fugue Machine for the DN. Everything is loaded in one session so I won’t be changing projects at all - my AUM use is tight. I’m already keen on my setup, I’m just trying to work out bugs and glitches before I buy anything new. I also need the iPad to act as an extra controller for the OT/DN as I need access to multiple parameters at once that are on different pages on both machines and I only have 2 hands. I plan on either using Lemur or Mozaic to make banks of sliders/knobs for this purpose.

The only question is do I want to get a USB hub and have the Keystep run through the MIDI IO of AUM, or do I want to get a MIDI Merge box and have the Keystep and iPad on it running into the OT. I feel like the USB hub gives me less of a chance of weird loops as it’s kind of outside of the loop and I can filter certain messages via AUM.

So DIN v USB. I’d choose DIN everytime.

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Any particular reason? Do you see any issues with the MIDI loopback I mentioned?

Midi or USB is irrelevant to avoiding Midi loopbacks. You need to carefully check channels and and what midi the OT is receiving and sending.

That’s what I was thinking, hence my using USB. If I rock USB, then the Keystep can play the iPad without ever having to go through the OT, and the Keystep can also control the DN via ipad to OT to DN. I guess I’ll just have to buy both and test them all out. Haha. Thanks for your ideas!

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I am planning a similar setup. I have Beatstep > OT > Volca Drum, right now. I am planning to add DN (and maybe and use iConnectivity Mio 4 as midi hub.

I am basically going to use all DIN and allow me to patch into computer/other sythns/ …