Few questions on the Analog Keys

Just got my Analog Keys in the mail yesterday and so far I love it, but I do have some questions that I couldn’t find answers to.

  1. How do you assign Perf. knobs to different tracks? I’m in the Perf setup page and I can assign parameters to the knobs but it only applies it to track 1, even if I have track 2, 3 or 4 selected. I see it says t1 at the top of the screen but I don’t know how to change that.
    EDIT: figured it out, push in Knob A-D to change the target track

  2. Is there a way to check the current software version?

  3. do you need Overbridge to install a update?

  4. I’m sure with some experimenting I could figure this out on my own, but does it save the kit to the pattern or do you have to manually change the kit if you want different sounds on a pattern?

  5. Is there a way to search for sounds based on their tags? For instance if I just wanted bass sounds or lead sounds, could I narrow down the list by tags?

2- look at the screen when you switch it on.
3- no. In fact, you have to had already installed the correct AK firmware that matches the OB version, so the two can communicate.
4- Don’t have to experiment. It’s in the manual.
“ When saving a kit, the PARAMETER page settings of the synth tracks, i.e. the settings that constitute a Sound, will be saved together with the kit. The synth track PARAMETER page settings of a kit can of course be saved as individual Sounds as well. When loading a Sound, it will become a part of the kit. Changes made to the track Sound will not affect the loaded Sound, only the kit. A specific kit is always assigned to a pattern which controls the play-back of the kit.”
5- yep, just step thru the sound browser till you see Pads Bass etc

It’s a pita menu diving synth, but the manual is pretty damn good.

Yeah I couldn’t find any info in the manual but I haven’t read the whole long version. Thanks for your help, especially on question 4.

As far as the tags go, I’m still a little confused. It seems to me that you have to go through all 230 sounds in each bank at a time, there’s no way to JUST look for bass sounds in a bank. Yes it shows the tag next to the sound, but it seems completely unorganized. Sound 5 will be a bass sound, sound 6 will be a lead, sound 7 something else, and then sound 8 might be another bass sound . It’s kinda weird.

9.6.4 SORT 123
Sorts the Sounds by slot number. The command is only available when Sounds are sorted alphabetically.
9.6.5 FILTER
Opens a list where Sounds can be arranged according to tags. Select and deselect tags by pressing [YES/SAVE]. Multiple tags can be selected. Exit the tag list by pressing [NO/RELOAD].
9.6.6 SEARCH
Performs a text search and list all Sounds with names matching or including the text. See “THE NAMING MENU” on page 10 on how to enter text.

Definitely start using OB. The standalone version. It’ll make the thing so much easier to learn.

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1 - Push the encoder to scroll through which tracks parameters you want to access.

3 - You can use SysexLibrarian too, works great.