Few questions regarding Analog Rytm (mk1)

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I’m new (back) into the hardware… Tired of staring at a laptop screen all day thinking about purchasing a small dawless setup again (for about a 1000 euro’s). One of my options would be analog rytm mk1 + blofeld.

Since the new update I’ve read that it’s possible to sequence external gear with it (thinking about 4 tracks to use with the multi timbral Blofeld) Does this mean I have to sacrifice 4 tracks? Which isn’t bad since 8 tracks left is still more than enough? Can I then also input midi (for the blofeld channels trough a keyboard melodically? and I’ve also read that the analog rytm (does this also go for mk1) can now recive midi over usb. So it should be able to work with a launchpad X? (better pads for finger drumming) Could I also be able to use both on the same time, so midi via keyboard (midi in) and midi via launchpad (via usb)

If this all is a yes, I think I’m really on to something here :wink:

Thanks in advance for your help.

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You only have 8 voices spread across 12 tracks (4 of the 12 tracks will be cut off by any notes from their linked track) so sacrificing tracks for midi is a problem for full productions imo. And midi is quite limited on Rytm. You only get monophonic tracks and can only send note, length and velocity.

You can. I’m not sure if you can play polyphonically (certainly the sequencer is monophonic/one note at a time), but then you can play chords on the Pads in Chromatic mode so I think you can play the Blofeld live (not sequenced) in a polyphonic style. I would need to test this to confirm tho. Someone else probably already knows the answer too.

It can receive midi over USB but it is not a USB host, so you would need a computer or separate midi host device in between the Launchpad and the Rytm.

See above answer. With that in mind, you can send midi to the Rytm over both USB and DIN (the physical midi input), so just ensure your channels are set up properly to avoid clashes.

Also, for your aims, I’d say that the Octatrack MKI is the better option here. However, it doesn’t accept midi over USB. You would need a midi merging device to accept midi from your Launchpad and keyboard, then send that to the OT’s DIN midi in. Best of luck!


Thanks for the quick and extensive reply.

So this midi over USB new feature doesn’t change anything for when you use a controller like a launchpad or launchcontrol? (since I saw people using a launch control with hub before this feature existed.

Shame the sequencer is monophonic, this is definitely a let down (though I understand it wasn’t designed to do what I had in mind…

I do very much like the analog drum part of the Rytm… But then I might have to re-evaluate… Probaby Digitakt+ multitimbral synth(s) will be better then for what I had in mind… Digitakt does though polyphonic sequencing right?

That’s a good choice actually. I don’t know why that didn’t come to me! Yes, up to a maximum of four notes per step. 8 tracks of midi that don’t interfere with the 8 audio tracks :raised_hands:

Hello everyone. Who is using analog rytm mk1 in 2021 do it work properly? Encoders, buttons etc.
Im looking for 2nd handed unit ant I know its pretty old, so would you recommend or save for mk2?
(I like form factor and roughness of mk1)

Zero problems with mine from 2014

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